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    Scientific Method
    Scientific Knowledge
    Flash cards (24)
    Trephination is the ________.

    A. method that supposedly proved that the world is flat

    B. procedure where a large hole is created in the forehead so that evil spirits can escape

    C. technique that helps ensure the validity of experimental results

    D. theory that mental illness is caused by demonic possession

    What is a limitation that affects the generalizability of research results?

    A. control groups

    B. operational definitions

    C. random assignment

    D. small sample size

    Dr. Mattar is interested in knowing more about brain injury to the occipital cortex, and he studies patients individually in order to gain in-depth knowledge about their behaviors. These studies would best be described as ________.

    A. case studies

    B. correlational

    C. cross-sectional

    D. surveys

    Patwardhan et al. report data from a study where they hired experimental confederates to attend speed dating events, posing as daters, and carefully take notes on the behaviors of the daters. What type of research design did they use?

    A. case study

    B. experiment

    C. naturalistic observation

    D. survey

    A group of preschool-age children are enrolled in a study that plans to follow them over time in order to assess behaviors and other characteristics that may predict later development of schizophrenia. This is an example of a(n) ________ design.

    A. cross sectional

    B. experimental

    C. longitudinal

    D. survey

    Stan and Jenny are in a psychology course that requires them to repeat an experiment that researchers have conducted in the past, in order to determine whether they produce the same results. This is called ________.

    A. inter-rater reliability

    B. reliability

    C. replication

    D. validity

    The possible range for a correlation coefficient is ________.

    A. between -1 and 0

    B. between -1 and +1

    C. between 0 and +1

    D. between 0 and +100

    Research shows that people who smoke cigarettes are more likely to get lung cancer than those who do not smoke. This research alone demonstrates that ________.

    A. smoking causes lung cancer

    B. smoking contributes to lung cancer

    C. there is a predisposition toward both smoking and lung cancer

    D. there is a relationship between smoking and lung cancer

    A(n) ________ is a variable that affects both variables of interest and may falsely give the impression of a cause-and-effect relationship.

    A. confounding variable

    B. control variable

    C. dependent variable

    D. independent variable

    Sandra strongly believes that attending daycare is detrimental to children”s development so she decides to write her psychology term paper on this topic. She does a literature search and finds several sources supporting her opinion, but she finds that the majority of research indicates that children attending daycare experience healthy development. She writes a paper using the sources that find negative associations with daycare attendance. This is an example of ________.

    A. confirmation bias

    B. confounding variable

    C. correlational research

    D. observer bias

    A basic experiment involves a minimum of ________ participant group(s).

    A. one

    B. two

    C. three

    D. four

    The ________ group does not get the experimental treatment.

    A. alternate experimental

    B. control

    C. dependent

    D. independent

    Researchers are conducting a study where they have concerns that the participant’s beliefs

    and/or the experimenter’s beliefs may skew the results. Therefore, they chose to conduct a

    ________ study.

    A. control

    B. double-blind

    C. double-control

    D. single-blind

    Simply expecting something to happen can make it happen. This describes ________.

    A. experimenter bias

    B. observer bias

    C. participant bias

    D. placebo effect

    The ________ is controlled by the experimenter.

    A. confounding variable

    B. dependent variable

    C. independent variable

    D. variability

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