IOTA (MIOTA) has been one of the uprising coins and among the most popular cryptocurrency projects. However, the basic technology behind it is quite different than many altcoins – which mostly represent distributed ledgers that are made up of transactions that can be tracked in “blocks” and then linked together in the form of a “chain”.



IOTA is considered as one of the hottest coins in the world. The cryptocurrency is decentralized just like the number one cryptocurrency. That makes the conditions favourable for a cryptocurrency of this kind.

IOTA is better at some things compared to other cryptocurrency giants but most remarkable is that it is very easily integrated into all programming languages. IOTA (MIOTA) is created so it can work with all of the programming languages. Also, all of the transactions are differently verified. Iota is verified when you make transactions yourself and for each and every one transaction you make, two that are behind the first one are verified with your own electricity.

Another thing to look at is the consensus. The Blockchain technology, a consensus is achieved through a very complex mechanism where parties are racing each other and the goal is to add the next block on the Blockchain and win the reward which in this case is transaction fees. This leads to a faster centralization of the Blockchain.

In the tangle, however, each and every participant can make a transaction and by that also participates in the consensus. By doing this, the network stays entirely decentralized and no need of paying a transaction fee. One interesting feature of the Tangle is that it is not deterministic like the Blockchain, on the contrary, is probabilistic. This means that the network chooses two random transactions to be verified so some transactions can be confirmed faster than others.