STSCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is based in Kiev, Ukraine, and a potential scam. Even though the company claims that they trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, a lot of users reported it as a scam and a fake platform.

All of the sites including and are owned and operated by STSCrypto and this specific review also applies to these websites. The STScrypto website is hosted on the known organized crime network known as “Digital Ocean, Inc.”

However, the real truth is that STSCrypto is scam and operates out of a known scamming hotspot in Ukraine. Their claim is that they have offices in the UK and USA, however that is not true as no trace can be found of them in either one of the countries.

They use VoIP (internet telephony) to make it appear like they are calling from the UK and USA, while the STSCrypto platform is based in Ukraine. However, the STScrypto mainly markets to clients in the USA and Europe via telephone marketing as well as social media advertising.

Their website domain, as we can see from – was registered a few months ago. We can see that the domain name owner information for STSCrypto is concealed in order to hide the owners identity. The company used to register the domain, on the other hand, is listed as “Imena” and is known as the favorite of Internet fake brokerage criminals.

STSCrypto is also unregulated, which means that the funds used for trading on the website are not protected or secured in any possible way. The company has total control over their platform and use a lot of tricks to manipulate the spread on trades.

The website is full of spelling mistakes and many other grammatical errors, all of which are a sign for another crypto scam.