Tron (TRX) is one of the newest Chinese blockchain projects which shot up to $10 billion in market cap in a relatively short time. The aim of the cryptocurrency is to construct a global, decentralized and free content and storage network.

Essentially, the idea is that through TRON, any content creator should be able to store and publish content while exercising a high level of control over its usage and monetization. This would be all thanks to the transparency offered by the blockchain.



As we mentioned in our previous articles, Tron has attracted more users this year than any other. Tron is also one of the cryptocurrencies that have partnered with a number of big names, especially from the entertainment industry. These partnerships can help increase the popularity of Tron and also to make it more desirable for other corporate partners. Another key factor that might have a huge influence on the value of TRX will be the widespread adoption. This means that TRX has to compete with giants such as Google, Instagram, and even Facebook because its main goal is to be an established content channel.

As we said, Tron aims to make drastic changes to the entire entertainment industry. This is one of the biggest markets in the world. It’s not all in the size of the market. The entertainment industry has a great impact on our everyday lives. We are seeing every day thousands of photos and videos but other content as well from various websites and platforms. One Tron realizes its potential, it will revolutionize these activities we do every day. You can use this cryptocurrency to watch movies, play music, see pictures, etc. Also, the plan is to try and decentralize the gaming industry as well.

The entire team that works to make Tron what it is today is a team of highly qualified people. Most of them are experienced developers and investors in various sectors. The team works hard to bring transparency to its users and to provide the best information possible. This way users can keep up with the development of this coin.