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    After fooling us all by going on retirement in the offseason Tom Brady is back. The 44-year-old quarterback has been confirmed to start an Mut 23 Coins additional 23rd NFL season. It’s likely to be the final season for his seven times Super Bowl champion and five-time Super Bowl MVP, right…? We all think so but then we take a take a look at how he plays each season.

    The previous year, Brady led the league in passing yards with 5.316 and touchdowns , with 43. In 2020. he was able to throw for 4.633 yards and 40 touchdowns. The main question about Brady is whether he’ll get older and start to show signs of it. We’ve all been waiting for the inevitable decline, but it’s not happening yet. A disappointing season for Brady is simply not making it to the Super Bowl. Brady’s hopes of securing his eighth Super Bowl ring fell short after the Buccaneers fell to the Rams 30-27 at the NFC Divisional Round. However, now he’s back and with a vengeance. Pay attention, league.

    Based solely on the legacy of his predecessors I believe Brady deserves to be at the top of the list. It’s obvious Brady is at the conclusion of his playing career, but it has nothing to have anything to do with his performance. It seems like he’s going to last another five years at the very minimum. In the meantime Brady is one of the top quarterbacks in the game. It’s entirely possible that Brady shows a decline this year, but for now, I have him as the third-best quarterback in Madden 23.

    To be honest I think that quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are more powerful playmakers. They are the more youthful, more thrilling quarterbacks. They represent a change in what we expect from the position. They are dual threat quarterbacks that are able to beat you with an arm or legs. Yet, there is no quarterback to show the consistency Brady. In fact Madden 23 Coins Buy, they haven’t been able to match his numbers. Although they might become the next big thing in the NFL, Brady is still the man today.

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