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    Chipmaker Nvidia has acquired DeepMap, a high-resolution mapping startup. The company says IP mapping will help Nvidia’s autonomous automotive technology sector, Nvidia Drive.

    “This acquisition validates the SLOTXO vision, technology and unique people of DeepMap,” said Ali Kani, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive at Nvidia. “DeepMap is expected to expand our mapping products. Help us expand our global mapping operations. and fully expand our self-driving expertise.”

    One of the biggest challenges in achieving full autonomy in a passenger vehicle is achieving optimal location and updated map information that reflects current road conditions. Incorporating DeepMap’s technology into Nvidia’s independent stack should be more accurate. This allows vehicles to improve their ability to find themselves on the road.

    “By joining forces with Nvidia, our technology can scale faster and benefit more people faster. We look forward to continuing our journey as part of the Nvidia team,” DeepMap co-founder and CEO James Wu said in a statement.

    DeepMap, founded by former Google, Apple and Baidu employees James Wu and Mark Wheeler, can use Nvidia Drive’s software-defined platform to quickly scale maps through AV clusters and not take up too much storage via updates. As part of the partnership, Nvidia will invest in new capabilities for DeepMap.

    Nvidia expects to complete the acquisition in Q3 2021.

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