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    Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) adopted a further organizational structure based on the matrix model of Academic Groups and Programme Officers that support pre-service and in-service and graduate programmes. Soon after, the centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) was conventional followed by the Learning Sciences Laboratory (LSL), the last two are below the Office of theoretical Research (OER), highlighting the prominent role NIE plays in education research.

    The initial speculative school management system preparation programmes, under the commencement Programmes Office (FPO) prepare student teachers to be talented when the critical knowledge and skills, and instilled once the desirable values of a initiation teacher. This ‘Values, Skills and Knowledge’ (VSK) attribute framework underpins the conception and design of all the initial intellectual preparation programmes.

    The essence of developing the values aspects of foster and admiration for one other and atmosphere progress is captured in the broadminded component of the group deeds in relieve Learning (GESL) in every initial hypothetical preparation programmes. Student teachers in heterogeneous groups of 20, facilitated by a faculty, engage as soon as the community in a support learning project more than two semesters.

    On summit of that, overseas community go forward has functional more than 500 student teachers from 2003-2008 under the puberty Expedition Projects sponsored by the National teens Council, Ministry of teenage years and Sports.

    Moving forward, NIE will put in place a Strategic Research spread and take forward (RD&I) Programme that will enable it to conduct research and take on sustainable pedagogical and organizational innovations that will have a enduring sure impact on policy formulation, and pedagogical and organizational practices in Singapore. It will adopt an integrated whole-of-NIE entry to research planning, funding, programme development, dispensation and co-ordination. NIE’s own International instructive Panel which met in July 2007 strongly endorses this NIE-wide integrated strategic RD&I Programme and its link subsequently the Ministry of Education.

    NIE was awarded first school management system incline in the Building and Construction Authority’s computer graphics Efficient Building Awards (EEBA) for 2005 under the “”New and Existing Building”” category. NIE as a consequence won the 2005 summit ASEAN cartoon Efficiency and Conversation Best Practices Competition tribute for spirit Efficient Buildings under the extra and existing building category.

    NIE has contributed towards making Singapore’s education system well-known in the world through the teachers it produces. It has an important role to piece of legislation in the preparation of teachers and hypothetical leaders for the supplementary knowledge-based economy, teachers who would be catalyst for change, leaders in the assist of learners and who themselves would be models of vivaciousness long learning. additional learning in schools and the preparation of a extra breed of teachers must be informed through research.”



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