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    German technology and parts supplier ทดลองเล่นสล็อต Robert Bosch has opened a 1 billion euro ($1.2 billion) chip factory in Dresden. Germany on Monday It was the single largest investment in the company’s history. This plant mainly serves automotive customers. It’s an important signal connected and electric cars are here.

    “Whatever powertrain we talk about … we always need semiconductors and sensors,” Jens Fabrowski, Bosch executive vice president of automotive electronics, told TechCrunch.

    The factory handles the processing or manufacturing of wafers in the semiconductor manufacturing process. A 300 mm wafer will be delivered to the partner. which is generally in Asia to make packaging and assembly of semiconductors

    300 mm is a “new technology,” Fabrsky explains, compared to 150 or 200 mm wafers produced at Bosch’s nearby factory in Reutlingen, Germany. Larger wafer sizes provide greater economies of size. This is because you can produce more individual chips per wafer.The 77,500-square-foot facility will use what Bosch calls “AIoT,”

    a term that combines artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to represent the fully connected, data-driven systems that are unique to the facility. Bosch will not only have real-time data on about 100 machines. But also energy, water and other aspects of the plant — up to 500 pages of data per second, Fabrsky said. The AI-powered algorithm should detect anomalies from connected sensors immediately.

    Even with a high degree of automation But the plant will employ about 700 when it fully operates.It is unclear whether the plant will help address the ongoing global semiconductor shortage. This has forced automakers such as General Motors and Ford to cut production and temporarily close their plants.



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