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    Mike Napoli must never forget who paved the way for shirtle s, celebrating Boston athletes.Mike Napoli is walking around Boston drunk and shirtle s Frank the Koala (@FrankTheKoala_) Marchand on Indianapolis Colts Accessories : “I did it first.” DJ Bean (@DJ_Bean) He is, of course, correct:That was a few hours after the Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup, . Yes, $156K. Marchand later said he was too “intoxicated” the Anthony Coyle Jersey next day to record commentary on the Bruins’ Cup DVD.”(After the Cup, Tyler Seguin) and I went on a bit of a tear, partying pretty much every night for a while,” . “I went home and kinda continued it. Darius Leonard Hoodies Sweatshirts I thought (winning a championship) was something that might never happen, so Indianapolis Colts T Shirts I was trying to take it all in, enjoy it. … My dad sat me down and sorta gave me a lashing. He told me if we win two of the next three years, he’d leave me alone.”In one of the other (several?) dozen or so photos of shirtle s Marchand circulated over the summer, he’s even wearing a Malik Hooker Jersey Sox hat. Napoli couldn’t be bothered with that.. Napoli has his work cut out for himself.

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