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    Coronavirus: Emergency plan to verify vaccinated NI holidaymakers

    The Department of Health in SLOTXO NI is to introduce an “emergency interim plan” to allow people to travel before official vaccine certification comes into place later this month.

    It would enable them to apply for verification of two vaccinations.

    It had been reported that a paper-based vaccine “passport” could be available in NI as early as 5 July,

    The department said a specialised hard copy format would go live by 19 July at the latest.

    The Department of Health said it was “finalising interim plans to provide written confirmation of double dose vaccination for people who received this in Northern Ireland, and can provide proof of holiday/flight bookings (up to and including July 20) to any foreign country that requires verification”.

    It said it would be a “two-pronged process” requiring online applications with scanned passport and holiday booking documentation as well as “a verification and collect facility where the printed vaccination confirmation will be provided to applicants in person”.

    “We are seeking to rapidly finalise this emergency interim plan, while not diverting resources from the vital task of delivering the full, internationally-recognised vaccine certification scheme,” it added.

    “The interim documentation will have short-term use, and will not be an acceptable substitute for the full certification scheme.”

    The department’s vaccine passport plan is to have an internationally-recognised form of proof that a person has had both vaccine doses.

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