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    Covid: How many people have been vaccinated in Wales?

    Nearly 770,000 people under โหลด slotxo the age of 50 have now had a first Covid vaccine dose, latest figures show.

    These include 42% of people over 18 and in their 20s.

    A total of 2,035,905 people in Wales have now been given a first dose of a vaccine, including 61.5% of people in their 30s.

    Public Health Wales (PHW) figures show 927,215 people have had a second jab, 29.4% of the population in Wales.

    How many have received a first dose?
    In Wales, 2,035,905 people have been given their first dose, 64.5% of the population.

    Data published on Tuesday showed Scotland has given first doses to 55.7% of its population, England 54.5% and Northern Ireland 52.8%.

    What is happening with second doses?
    The total number of people having the full vaccine course in Wales now stands at 927,215 (29.4%).

    Figures published on Tuesday showed England has fully vaccinated 30.8% of its population, Scotland 30.5% and Northern Ireland 29.9%.



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