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    Damian D’Silva’s new restaurant Rempapa will serve some forgotten Singapore heritage dishes

    Is it Singapore or Malaysia that has the most authentic version of chicken rice? Well, the point is moot and we should stop arguing about it, reckons chef Damian D’Silva, during a nice long chat with CNA Lifestyle.

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    Why not just enjoy the food?

    To the 65-year-old chef, best known as Singapore’s most passionate and vocal advocate for local heritage cuisine, the idea of a dish’s authenticity should be scrapped altogether. Instead, it’s more important to focus on the opportunities it presents for learning, understanding and, of course, savouring.

    At his previous restaurants Folklore and Kin, the MasterChef Singapore judge was best known for the Eurasian and Peranakan recipes passed down within his family.

    In his newest restaurant, Rempapa, which will open on Dec 2 at Park Place Residences at PLQ, he turns his focus to presenting local dishes that draw from all our cultures and races, forgotten dishes from our history, and new spins on familiar dishes, with the aim of engaging modern palates.

    A plate of nasi lemak, for example, cannot give words to its own story – but D’Silva, who remembers waiting for banana-leaf-wrapped coconut rice and fish sold from the back of a bicycle as a child, knows some of the dish’s earliest iterations and details of how it has morphed over the years.

    Born into a family of gourmets, some of his earliest memories involve enjoying his grandfather’s masterful cooking and performing chores in the kitchen for his grandmother.

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