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    Supporting in the interest of those without a voice against the strong and vile who deny them fair and full remuneration. We address buyers, representatives, working individuals and investors – not organizations or insurance agencies. We battle consistently, as we have for in the course of the most recent 20 years, to ensure their privileges and to get them the remuneration they merit. Working for yourself and never outpaceed. It is our obsession! Assuming you want a class activity or mass misdeed attorney, call us for a free, classified, no-hazard conference to get the best result for your situation.

    Timothy L. Miles has more than 20 years of involvement arraigning class activities and addressing the interest of the dark horse and gained from working every day of the week. with incredible and some of top offended parties’ class activity legal counselors in the country, large numbers of which are previous appointed authorities and examiners. Mr Miles has broad suit insight in class activities and mass misdeeds, and beginning around 2014 has kept up with AV Rating by Martinile-Hubble in Class Actions, Securities Law and Litigation. Mr Miles was perceived as one of the top offended parties lawyers in the country just as a Top Ranked Lawyer; Top Rated Litigator; and an Elite Lawyer of the South while keeping up with selective participation in the Top 100 Civil Trial Lawyers. Accordingly, Mr. Miles carries an abundance of involvement to your case as an accomplished class activity or mass misdeed legal counselor.
    Mr Miles zeros in his training on class activity case, including cases including infringement of government protections law, state purchaser assurance, items risk and hazardous medications just as investor subsidiary prosecution and cases including breaks of trustee obligation in value-based case regarding the consolidation or acquisitions of public partnerships.

    Instances of class activities in which Mr. Miles assumed a critical part in accomplishing a significant settlement include:

    In re Global Crossing Ltd. Protections and ERISA Litigation, MDL Docket No. 1472 (S.D.N.Y.) (Lynch, J.) ($79 million recuperation); In re Goody’s Family Clothing, Inc. Investor Litigation, Master Docket No. 165357-2 (Chancery Ct., Knox Cty., Tenn.) (Fansler, C.) ($53 million expansion in thought to investors in consolidation); Sherwood v. Microsoft Corporation, Civ. No 99-C-3562 (Davidson Cty. Circuit Ct.) (Kurtz, J.) (settlement with insignificant worth of $32 million including sizable cy pres grant to Tennessee schools); Beach et al. v. Healthways, et al., Civil Action No. 3:08-00569 (M.D. Tenn. (Campbell, J.) ($23.6 million recuperation); In re Direct General Corporation Securities Litigation, Civil Action No. 3:05-0077 (M.D. Tenn. (Campbell, J.) ($14.96 million recuperation including $2.96 million recuperated from the singular respondents); In re America Service Group Litigation, Civ. No. 3:06-cv-00323 (M.D. Tenn.) (Haynes, J.) ($14.894 million recuperation); In re Envoy Securities Litigation, Civ. No. 3-98-0760 (M.D. Tenn.) (Haynes, J.) ($11 million recovery);• In re Broadwing, Inc. ERISA Litigation, Case No. C-1-02-857 (S.D. Ohio) (Beckwith, J.) ($11 million recuperation); In re HCA Inc. S’holder Litig., No. 06-1816 III (Davidson County Ch. Ct., Tenn.) (Lyle, C.) (settlement which incorporated a change to the Merger Agreement to accommodate a $280 million decrease in end expense, supplemental material revelations to investors incorporating material data concerning the genuine worth of the organization, and critical upgrades to casting a ballot interaction including improved evaluation freedoms and a “larger part of the minority” arrangement); In re Dollar General Corp. S’holder Litig., Master Docket No. 07MD-1 (Circuit Ct., Davidson County, Tn.) (recuperation of $40 million in real money for previous Dollar General investors just before preliminary.)



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