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    The Blackwood expansion of Elder Scrolls Online brings two companions to the game, Bastian hallix and Mirri elendis. However, they behave like the followers you expect from ancient scroll V: the sky, and they die less of environmental traps. The expansion of high island has added two combinations: Isobel veloise, the Knights Templar of Brittany, and Khajiit sorcerer Ember.

    Companions have their own set of skills and can be equipped with specific equipment, which is different from the equipment of ordinary players. Some followers are more suitable for certain tasks, but you can customize your companions to supplement your game style. For example, give the Mirri elendis of the night blade a full set of heavy armor or let the tank Isobel veloise use recovery staff and light armor.

    Just like vestige, your Companion level through battle. Killing enemies and completing tasks will give your companions some XP, which is what they need to level. As expected, the first few levels will be fast, but the progress of subsequent levels will be longer and longer.

    Leveling your Companion allows them to use new abilities by giving them more slots. You can check your progress at any time by talking to your Companion and then selecting the Companion menu. This will show you your rapport with them and their fighting level, as well as any equipment they have equipped. If you have them in your favorites tab, you can also change the appearance of your Companion by lending them a piece of your clothing or clothing selection.

    In addition to your Companion’s battle level, the game will also show you your relationship with them in the Companion menu. Your harmonious relationship is an indicator of their relationship with you. Once you reach a high enough harmonious relationship, you will unlock two additional branch tasks with them. After completing these two tasks, you can place them as tenants. Affinity can increase and decrease independently of XP, and will change with the behavior your peers admire or despise. Or you can buy them using your ESO Gold.

    For example, picking up torch bugs or butterflies will cause Millie to lose her relationship, but excavating antiquities will increase your relationship with her. Similarly, if you kill world leaders, kill demons, or complete volcanic vents, the Brittany Templar Isobel veloise will respect you more, but will disdain crimes such as murder, theft, and even entering the Dark Brotherhood shelter on the gold coast.


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