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    #1 Our Mission

    We seek PEACEFUL, meaningful and fulfilling exchanges between members of the LGBTQ community and the merchants who desire
    to serve them.

    Until now it was a gamble! A Gay person never knewwhen he or she walked into a merchant’s business what they were going to be
    confronted with.

    The merchant could be open, honest, respectful andeverything can go right. Unfortunately, the merchants can be biased,
    homophobic, or just plain crazy and things can go south and get very ugly.
    Traveling or at home, leisure time should be LGBTQ SAFE time.


    LGBTQ.ONE, announces the release of an all new andcutting-edge technology offering safety, security, and acceptance never before
    possible for members of the community. We would like to introduce you to this
    new app and show you how it will benefit the community members, merchants and
    vendors, literally around the world in everyday interactions with merchants and
    services where ever they travel.

    Our new and unique PWA technology works onANY device, iOS, Apple, Windows, PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Android, Mac Book,
    Tablet, smart watch, et al. and can significantly benefit merchants by guiding
    members of the community to their location. If a member wants to find a hat, a
    hot dog, or car repair, just type it in and you will be guided to that
    merchant’s business immediately.

    Looking for someone? THEAPP has a very special feature. Whether it is a brief chat,a meet up for coffee or a long-term relationship you are looking for, it has
    the power to bring together people of like interests in an effective, safe and
    logical way. Similar to the way an entertainment guide alerts you of nearby
    businesses and deals offered, even when you are traveling, THEAPP keeps a
    lookout in a circle around you and notifies you when it detects another app
    user nearby.

    You do not have to register to enjoy most of thefeatures of THEAPP.

    Get safe and get started today . Download THEAPPfor free from LGBTQ.ONE

    THEAPP is FREE to download and use. IF you want tosign up a business or register so you can post on THEAPP then fill out the
    registration form. Otherwise, you can skip the registration by either clicking
    on the red x or anywhere outside of the form and take advantage of the many
    features of THEAPP.

    #2 Much More Than a Social APP!

    This is a cutting-edge, state of the art PWAmobile app offering never before possible safety, security, equality and
    acceptance for participating members. We would like to introduce you to this
    new high tech application and show you how it will help to maintain dignity and
    pride in the community. Our new, unique PWA technology works on ANY
    device, iOS, Apple, Windows, PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Android, Mac Book, or Tablet.
    It can provide significant benefits to both friendly businesses, and LGBTQ community members.


    Q So, what’s “NEW” about LGBTQ? And WHAT is this“DOT ONE”?

    A The truth is, just about everything aboutLGBTQ.ONE IS new, including the DOT ONE. Most folks recognize the
    LGBTQ, as a diverse global community, open to all, emerging in the 70’s and
    pretty much is universal today.

    THE ONE , However, offers more History and a LOTmore Mystery. The ONE movement was the very first public GL entity in the
    United States and was organized in San Francisco, in 1952. and is Still a
    powerful force today in the community, fewer people know about the power of ONE.

    Q “So how did you get the “DOT ONE” URL, I havenever seen that extension before, is it special?

    A We like to think so, I guess you could say wewere in the right place at the right time. We knew what our mission was, and we
    were researching the site names available at the time. None of them seemed to
    convey EXACTLY what we were all about, what our statement was. Then
    we discovered that in 2016, the United States Government released an extension
    never before seen by the public, DOT ONE. We knew when we saw, LGBTQ.ONE.
    This was who we are!

    Q The “DOT” in LGBTQ.ONE is a “Green Carnation”Tell us what’s going on there?

    A That is a wink and a tip of the hat to ourfriend Oscar Wilde. Taking us all the way back to 1894, and the novel “The
    Green Carnation” It’s a symbol of Oscar himself. In 1892, Wilde had one of the
    actors in Lady Windermere’s Fan wear a green carnation on opening night and toldhis young followers to wear them too. Soon the carnation became an emblem of
    Wilde and his group, an amusing parody of Wilde was published in 1894 called The Green Carnation and caused quite a stir.

    Stop in and check us out. Catch up with oldfriends, meet new ones. Communicate, investigate, cogitate, and have fun and
    exchange ideas. You are always welcome here!

    How can we work with you?

    Please call us at 1-800-LGBTQ-01

    #3 Our History

    THEAPP was developed to allow gay communitymembers to interact safely with and acts as a guide to “LGBTQ friendly
    merchants and services”.

    In many societies up until about fifty years ago,gay people were treated as “second class” and in some circles ostracized (or
    worse). In more recent years gender identity and sexual orientation have
    become acceptable terms, and thankfully there are now support services
    available to the community. The Stonewall Riots, also called
    the Stonewall Uprising, took place on June 28, 1969, in New York
    City, after police raided the Stonewall Inn, a local gay club. Gay rights
    and influence have gained ground steadily in the half century since
    then. Terms like trans-sexual and bisexual are now accepted as genders and
    recognized by most in the mainstream. No longer do community members have to be
    embarrassed or concerned about seeing a doctor for HIV testing. Lesbian,
    and bisexual young people are still sometimes harassed and all LGBTQ
    youth need a tool to allow them to interact freely in the real world without
    facing hate or disrespect!

    THEAPP from LGBTQ.ONE fills this need.

    Bisexual, transgender, or questioning, you can nowtravel, enjoy leisure time, and visit New York City, Los Angeles or San
    Francisco, or any other major world centers for the annual gay
    festivals, vacation or business and find friendly, respectful, and accepting
    vendors, merchants, and services to employ and avoid conflict and disparities
    as gay men and women. Check out this fantastic new tool today at THEAPP.ONE

    Q Is there a fee to enter, or do you need adebit/credit card?
    A Absolutely not! NO CARD is ever required, todownload and use THEAPP or to join in on our community safety services.
    Participation is completely FREE! Users of THEAPP enjoy the service FREE thanks
    to the generous support of our many LGBTQ friendly merchants and allies.

    For safe, confident, worry free travel and day today interactions with merchants and services of all kinds, THEAPP from
    LGBTQ.ONE is your personal safety device for blue skies and happy days.

    THEAPP is FREE to download and use. IF you want tosign up a business or register so you can post on THEAPP then fill out the
    registration form. Otherwise, you can skip the registration by either clicking
    on the red x or anywhere outside of the form and take advantage of the many
    features of THEAPP.



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