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    The Lunatenders, those peculiar sticks that wander in Mare Lamentorum, are very precious in FFXIV.

    Lunatender minions have two servants, the Prince and the Royal ones. Prince Lunatender is blue and the Royal Lunatender is golden.

    Both minions can buy or trade from the Marketing Committee and are random booty from the event, so if you are unlucky, they may be troublesome. Here’s how to unlock the Royal Lunatender minion.

    So how to get Royal Lunatender minion in FFXIV?

    Royal Lunatender can be obtained in the new treasure dungeon launched with patch 6.05 in January, namely excitetron 6000. You can use the old kumbhiraskin map to enter the dungeon. The item can be purchased on the market board or obtained in a variety of ways, such as collecting at thavnair.

    However, this is a rare booty from the dungeon, so players may need to cultivate for a long time to earn for themselves. (Or you can just buy FFXIV Gil to save your time) However, since treasure hunting is one of the best ways to get gold coins in endwalker, it may be worth trying this method even if you get other items as a reward.

    Otherwise, you can buy Royal Lunatender servants on the market board. Remember, it will be as expensive as most rare booty that can be obtained through treasure map. Although its current price is about 800000 Jill, it may decline over time, similar to most items introduced by endwalker.

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