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    The foreign exchange or the Forex market is a 24 hour per day, seven days per week financial market where traders buy and sell one or more currencies based on their relative strength. This market is a trading of currencies, and the trading is done both over the counter (OTC) and over the traditional online forex trading platform. Traders use both the OTC and the online Forex broker for trading purposes. It is important for traders to know how to analyze the data coming from these two types of trading.

    Many of the online brokers can only trade in one pair at a time. For example, if a trader wanted to trade in the EUR/USD pair, the trader would have to be logged into the Forex platform using a European financial exchange service. The broker platform would then show all of the possible trades that the trader would be able to make during the day based on when the markets open in Europe. This is because most of these platforms only allow one pair to be traded at any given moment.

    If a trader wanted to be able to trade in the other four currency pairs, he or she would have to log into the platform with an online broker platform that allowed for trading in these other currency pairs. Some of the best execution brokers have trading options available right from the start. These include the following; Forex Tradesense, FAP Turbo, Forex MegaDroid and Ivybot. All of these programs have been tested and proven to be very effective, but they are not always available at every single online broker. When you consider what it would cost to set up a custom trading account with each of these, it can be quite costly to have these programs on your side. The nice part of having a program like this is that if you ever wanted to switch brokers, you can do so with a few clicks of the mouse.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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