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    Do you want to become an internet ISP or have you even taken the first steps towards having your own ISP? If yes, this is a must-have content for you. We’ve gathered here some of the main terms in this area so that you get familiarized and don’t get lost when you study about the sector. But remember: this is just introductory material, concepts. To become an ISP, it is important to study this knowledge in depth. Download the full glossary here Key Terms Every ISP Should Know Anatel Anatel National Telecommunications Agency) is the body that regulates the telecommunications sector. To work regularly, every ISP needs to send a set of information to the government, in addition to the declaration of some taxes. SICI (Information Collection System) and Fust (Fund for Universalization of Telecommunications Services) are some examples.

    One of the versions of PON Passive Optical Network networks. It is a technology that offers high data transmission speed, quality connection and ease of management. It is recommended for ISP who are starting to offer services. Less complex, it has more accessible products, but without losing quality. Optical fiber Optical fiber is a physical medium that allows the transmission of light by continuous reflections within a surface until it reaches the other end, with loss rate Argentina Phone Number compared to other transmission media. It has a small format, with material that is easy to install, manage and cost-effective. It is widely used by ISPs for high speed data transmission. GPON GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), like EPON, is a passive optical network. However, it is best suited for ISPs with a high number of users and services.

    This technology is a great possibility for those who want to gain scalability in the medium or long term, as well as providers that work in denser regions. With the trend of offering services that make intensive use of bandwidth, such as videos and streaming services, the GPON network becomes an important resource for providers due to high performance, speed and quality of connections. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of technologies that enable machines to learn from experiences and new data as they are input, performing tasks like human beings. Today, several digital systems and tools already use resources such as artificial intelligence. A simple example is face recognition itself in images on social networks or even the suggestion of automatic responses in emails from some companies.



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