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    The diamond painting is a kind of rhinestone mosaic. Also called diamond embroidery, kids love it! Contrary to what its different names indicate, diamond painting, or diamond embroidery, has nothing to do with painting or this art of thread! It is rather a kind of mosaic: by sticking rhinestones on a board following the instructions, an image is revealed little by little. An original manual activity that appeals to children.

    Before we jump into our amazing tips& tricks for diamond painters, if you are new to this art, check out our guide about What is Diamond Painting Art An ultimate guide for beginners will give you every inch of the basic knowledge about Diamond Art.

    Use your study table to provide your canvas a flat surface!
    You need a plain and flat surface right under your canvas, for perfect results. Therefore, It’s better to be seated before your study table while painting or on the floor in a comfortable position before you begin.

    Be Prepared Before Starting
    Whenever you going to start diamond painting, make sure everything is complete. Always before starting any new Diamond Art Project, check the complete kit. Make sure the canvas is in good shape and condition. Check out all the drills’ colors and quantity. Also, check all the required tools and accessories. In this way, you will not face any issues in the middle of your project.

    Combat static cling with Static Guard Fabric Spray
    Are your diamonds relentlessly clinging together? Grab a can of Static Guard Fabric Spray and blast a small amount onto your diamonds.

    As an alternative, you can simply use your run-of-the-mill dryer sheets to make sure your diamonds stop clinging together.

    Use an empty egg carton for a giant collection of diamonds.
    Why spend money on buying something when you can make do with the things that you have at home already. If you have an empty egg carton, you can gather each diamond-category in different segments it has. It will save you money of a large tray.

    With all these diamond painting tips in your arsenal, you are well on your way to a good diamond painting start. Concentrate and you will be more active in a few days.

    Here at topdiamondart.com, we have all the info you need to create a gorgeous new masterpiece that will hang proudly in your home. As you fine-tune your diamond painting skills, you can branch out to try out Cartoon Diamond Art Kits and give the finished designs to friends and family as gifts.



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