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    For the Tibetan people, the yak has an irreplaceable status. The reason why Tibetans call yak “baby” is that yak provides a basic guarantee for people’s survival in traditional Tibetan society. It is full of treasures, and every treasure is selflessly bestowed on mankind. Its gifts benefit people on the plateau in terms of clothing, food, shelter, transportation, transportation, as well as burning, farming, medical treatment, entertainment, and use. It can be said that he contributed everything from birth to death.

    The 48-year-old Dangxiong herder Siqu Kanxue also had joy in his expression. He is the father of six children. Today he went out to pasture with his grandson who was going home from school. He was accompanied by a young man from a relative’s family. They call the yak “Neuer”-the “wishful treasure” of the herdsman’s family. After a closer look, we laughed. We are worthy of being the “treasures of the plateau”. The three ordinary herders have the shadow of baby yak everywhere. I saw that the very exquisite needles hanging on Si’s curved waist were stitched with cooked yak leather. The vertical pocket bag carrying lunch on the back is woven with cow wool; the sling rope used to drive the cow on the grandson’s hand is made of five-color cow wool, and his little cousin has been using a ten Zigzag hardwood spindle spun cow wool yarn. Tibetan yak for riding in the agricultural area also undertakes heavy tasks such as pulling plows, carrying highland barley, and transporting fertilizers.

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