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    How to delete all Instagram photos from Android is a question asked by many people who wish to manage their social media accounts. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking sites today. However, it does have its fair share of users that can cause damage your device if you are not careful.

    The problem with Instagram is that it encourages the user to leave comments and postings that may be considered abusive or harassing. This means that if you are looking to remove some of these inappropriate comments, it may be impossible for you to do so. Fortunately, there is a simple way to accomplish this task.

    The way to delete all Instagram photos from Android is to connect your smartphone or tablet to a computer via a USB port. On the computer, open an Instagram for Android app and allow it to upload the images that you have taken with your camera. When you are logged into your account, go through the privacy settings. To see which pictures you can upload and share, tap on the + button next to your username. Now select all photos that you would like to share.

    Delete instagram photos

    This is how to delete all Instagram photos from Android manually. If you have access to a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop, then it should be relatively easy for you to modify the formatting and color of the Instagram photos. Just a note: Instagram photos are only able to be manipulated within programs that support digital photography.

    The other option is to use a piece of software designed for accomplishing this task. It’s called Instagrammer. This is not as difficult as uploading them manually using the program, but it does have one disadvantage.

    Since the photos cannot be deleted if they are already on the Internet, this may not be a viable solution for deleting all Instagram photos from Android. If you are willing to wait for them to be deleted in their original state, you might as well settle for this program.

    Deletion and altering features

    The best solution to deleting all Instagram photos from Android is to use a program that offers both deletion and altering features. I’m referring to programs such as Flushmarks. They have everything you need to make sure that you can find and delete photos from Instagram account. Once you have them all gone, it’s just a matter of restoring them using the restore feature present on the program.

    Of course, you also have to worry about keeping your deleted photos from being deleted in the future. This means saving them to your computer or some other safe place so that they will not get lost.

    This is especially important if the photos that you want to keep are private and you do not wish to share them with anyone. If you do this, though, you will be able to know how to delete all Instagram photos from Android even if you accidentally deleted them.

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