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    Every cryptocurrency user thinks about the crypto exchange platform as secure and safe to should invest in cryptocurrencies, but some fraudulent activities happen in the crypto exchange platform. As these activities happen in crypto exchange, the reason is a security problem. If you are a crypto entrepreneur, create the crypto exchange software. While you will develop the crypto exchange software with high-security features, users hope to trust your platform.

    Like this, you make the website, and it will reach users immediately. In these blogs, we’ll explore the crypto exchange software’s prime security features and how to implement the security with exchange software.

    Security is the safeguard in your crypto exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms have multi-layers of security features. These features make and protected in the exchanges. Let me tell the main four security features in this blog.

    Come on, let’s move to the topics..,

    Escrow application
    Escrow is the must-need in the crypto exchange platform, so you must implement your crypto exchange software. Escrow application design to the intermediate with buyer & seller and also involved with transactions. The escrow application’s role in the crypto exchange software is to avoid third-party traders and brokers to sell and buying digital currencies. Escrow application bound into the KYC norms.

    Multi-level authentication
    Multi-level authentication is two-factor authentication. It provides multi-layers security assurance in your crypto exchange software. These are security features included in the multi-level authentication like User login, withdrawal, and user profile updates. And also google provides super-secure authentication addition layers otp and emails.

    Secure wallet integration
    When you successfully login into the crypto exchange, then how to store the cryptocurrencies securely. It is a cryptocurrency wallet here, a cryptocurrency wallet is able to store cryptocurrency to be safe and secure. Accessing the wallet, you have two keys, one is the private key and another one is the public key. The public key refers to whom you have sent the cryptocurrencies address and the private key refers to access to the individual password, fingerprints, and pan.

    KYC Compliance
    KYC module is the persistent process in the exchange platform to know the customer’s identity, monitor, and customer risk.

    Do you want these security features included in your crypto exchange? You will be coming to the clarisco solution and buying the cryptocurrency exchange software.

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    Platforms like Coinbase are extremely secure and provide the industry-standard security controls needed for operating in the US. Authentication using two factors is offered by both exchanges.
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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