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    To get the maximum grade on an essay, a student should heed a valuable oxessays review:

    – In the text, alternate long sentences with short ones to make the paper dynamic and easy to read.
    – Eliminate complex terms, obscure words and jargon, the examiner and the audience of listeners should understand what is being discussed.
    – As little as possible in the text should meet common phrases, let the essay be unique and as individualized as possible, not copying and paraphrasing someone else’s work.
    – Humor is appropriate, but in the minimum amount and maximum delicacy, but sarcasm and impertinence can cause a negative emotional mood in the reader.
    – Personal experiences, memories and impressions can be cited to persuade the reader.
    – You should not deviate from the topic and the main idea, describing unnecessary terms, details, and so on.
    – After finishing your work, it is worth rereading it aloud to make sure it is logical and consistent.
    – To give the topic in question more credibility, you can cite facts and the results of your own research.

    Rules for a competently composed essay:

    – Conformity to the topic, semantic unity of information;
    – Сeative perception and comprehension of the considered topic;
    – Self-presented judgments;
    – Competent appealing to the historical terms and facts;
    – The pithiness and truthfulness of the material;
    – The correctness and clarity, the proof of the main points;
    – Judgments and conclusions clearly based on the arguments presented;
    – The literacy and truthfulness of each argument;
    – The ease with which citations and examples from society can be used to support a point of view;
    – Appropriateness of analogies.
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