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    Kamagra 100 mg Tablets are available to be taken with or without food. It must be taken exactly as directed by your physician. Take about an hour before you want to engage in sexual activity. Individual working time varies, but it usually lasts between 30 and 1 hour. This medicine will only help you get an erection if you’re sexually stimulated. If you do not have erectile dysfunction, you should not take this medication. It’s not a good idea to take it more than once a day.

    The most common side effects of this drug include flushing (a feeling of warmth), headache, dizziness, blurred vision, muscle soreness, stomach issues, and rash. Talk to your doctor if any of the side effects bother you or do not go away. Kamagra 50 mg is not for women, and men should not take any other medications to treat impotence without first consulting a doctor. It can be dangerous to take it with nitrate-containing drugs (often given for chest pain or angina).

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