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    Writing a letter for your business must be professional. Most of the time businesses make decisions either to work or not to work with a company based on the proposal or letter they send. If reading the letter grabs the attention of the potential client, they might be interested in giving you a response. On the other hand, if it is average the client will most probably ignore the letter or will just skim through it. There are certain tips for writing a letter to advertise your business.
     Be personal. You must start your letter by addressing the name of your potential client.
    This will create an image in the mind of the customers that the company knows well about their clients and they have the knowledge about the market.
     You should be creative in using the words about the product or services you offer to the client.
    The letter should not be boring and simple. It should be something that motivates the reader to buy what you are selling. In letter, you should focus on solving the problem for the client.
     The letter must have graphics. Including graphics in a letter makes it more aesthetic.

     The letter must be short. Too much information on a page makes its look boring for the reader.
    Now the question arises “what material do we write in the letter”? We must focus on telling the clients, what advantage they would gain by working with us or by buying our product. We can write about competitive advantage. What our company is offering which other companies are not offering. If we have the best quality then we should focus on persuading them on the quality. If our prices are low as compared to other businesses then we should try persuading them on the price levels, etc.
    All in all, writing a letter to advertise your business must include all the tips that are written above. This will give it a professional looks and will grab the reader’s attention.



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