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    ‘I love free-falling’: From Mount Everest to Antarctica, the sky’s the limit for Indonesian female skydiver

    The sky’s the limit for xo slot Naila Novaranti, Indonesia’s female skydiver who has parachuted on seven continents in the world, including challenging locations such as Antarctica and Mount Everest.

    A former secretary, the 39-year-old is an accredited athlete by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and also a skydiving instructor who has trained numerous local as well as foreign military and civilians.

    “I love free-falling because you can literally do any movement without worrying you’re going to bump into a window, glass or anything. That’s what I really love. And I love the sky, it’s really cool,” Novaranti told CNA.

    She has won numerous competitions and completed skydives on seven continents – North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and Antarctica. Her stints earned her a recognition by the Indonesian World Records Museum last year.

    The athlete shared that skydiving across the globe is not something everyone can do because one needs to have a recommendation from a more experienced skydiver prior to a stint, especially in places like Mount Everest and Antarctica.

    “Antarctica and Mount Everest are the most challenging ones because of the weather. So I was very lucky to be able to do that within a short time,” she said, adding that she jumped from Mount Everest on her birthday in November 2018 and skydived in Antarctica in December 2019.

    Mount Everest was especially tough because she had never climbed a mountain before. She also could not stand the cold weather.

    “You have to walk. It’s not like you just land up there. You have to walk to the top.”

    “They said if I was not strong, I could always go back. But for me? Turning around, not a chance.”

    The sharp cliffs at Mount Everest also meant skydivers could not afford to land off target.​​​​​​​

    “But it’s doable. It depends on how much you want it. I really wanted it, that’s why I didn’t want to turn around.”

    The situation was particularly challenging as she encountered a problem with her parachute due to the strong wind when she jumped. She prayed hard and luckily she landed safely.

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