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    Even before the game’s launch, Mut 22 coins players started complaining about the game. Many people believed that EA would solve the issue before the game’s release all over the world, but this wasn’t the case.

    A few recent issues for players are freezing of the game as players upgrade or develop and the issue of crashing on Xbox.It’s alarming that new glitches and bugs are popping up. However, it looks like Madden 22, players now facing an issue where the co-op play artwork isn’t appearing.

    Many say that the bug could be reproduced through playing offline franchises, and that it first appeared following the scouting update. A few players say that they tried installing the game again and verifying files but these generic resolutions aren’t able to be working.

    As some of the reports date until October expected that the issue will be fixed in the next update. But EA clarified that they didn’t fix it with the November 19 patch but that it will definitely be resolved in the near future.

    We hope EA resolves its Madden 22 problem with buy mut coins the play art as soon as possible so co-op players are able to enjoy the game again. If they publish an update that fixes the issue, we’ll update this article so stay tuned.



    I think EA will never done their work. Check this Article “The beginnings of the NFT development in games sport” and you will se that they have working on it at about 2 years and no progress



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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