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    After you’ve made it up the wall, one of the seeds will be very apparent to you in the tiny off-map area. The second , however isn’t visible at all Lost Ark Gold. It’s located on left, to the left of some rocks.In order to get it to you, you’ll have to position your character near it so that the game gives you the opportunity in interacting. Even after you get it you’ll be unable to see it, as you can see in the photo above.

    It’s the Island of Time is one of the Lost Ark’s islands completely dedicated to the fishing Skill. It’s quite peaceful so long as you’re fishing and not fighting the monsters who come from the jars of magic. Like many islands, it is home to some sly Mokoko Seeds.

    Island of Time Island of Time has one of the highest Mokoko Seed count. It has five seeds scattered throughout the landmass. However, it’s much more than three, given the fact that two of the three locations have two seeds in them. Either way, let’s take an examination of the locations where we can locate the seeds.

    Where Is The Island Of Time?

    Island of Time Island of Time is located in the Sea of Gienah, just to the south of West Luterra and only a small distance of sailing to the to the right Falcon Marina.The first seed is located on easterly part of the island. It’s near the two docks. There’s no fishing area on Lost Ark Gold Buy these docks. It’s very well camouflaged amidst the lush vegetation between the entrances to the two docks so keep an eye on.

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