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    Agricultural pesticides sold to farmers mixed in “cocktails” can kill twice as many bees. according to an analysis of 90 studies.Each measured the effects of environmental stressors, such as pesticides and poor nutrition.

    The researchers used that data to quantify how slotxo these stressors affect pollinators.And they say commercial formulas contain many chemicals. should have their own license Exposure to many pesticides is common. Not the exception,

    Dr. Harry Aviator’s from the University of Texas in Austin. The study leader told BBC Radio 4’s Inside Science programme.One 2016 study found that bee colonies with more pesticides were more likely to die.

    “If you have a hive that is exposed to a single pesticide that kills 10% of bees and another pesticide that kills another 10%, you can expect that if those effects are additive. Up to 20% of the bees must be killed,” he said.

    But the “synergistic effect” can cause 30-40% death.And that’s what we found when we looked at the interactions,So we should consider the interactions between those chemicals” when licensing commercial formulations

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