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    NI’s lockdown exit plan: Your questions answered

    On Tuesday, xo the executive published its long-awaited document for helping Northern Ireland ease out of lockdown restrictions.

    It did not include indicative dates, and business groups criticised the lack of detail in the blueprint.

    Ministers say they’ll regularly assess the data and have promised formal reviews, but what does the plan mean for you?

    BBC News NI answers some of the many questions from our audience about what happens next.

    Why are there no dates or specific criteria in the plan?
    Unlike England and Scotland, the Stormont Executive decided against a timetable for reopening as it said this would only lead to disappointment for people, if pledges could not be met.

    The executive said it would be led by “data not dates”, but the document does not include specific “trigger points” that would allow restrictions to be eased, when NI has met certain criteria.

    Ministers have defended this approach, arguing that there is no overall formula that can be made public.

    Why is there a four-week gap between each review?
    The executive says it does not want to lift too many restrictions at once, in case it leads to a sharp spike in coronavirus cases.

    It points to the easing of measures before Christmas, which led to significant pressure on the health service in January and saw NI’s R-number rise to 1.8.

    The review cycle included in this plan – 16 March, 15 April, 13 May and 10 June – appears to be deliberately spread across four months, with ministers advised that a slower reopening will be safer.

    Those are the dates when ministers legally must review the legislation.

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