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    NSPCC child abuse helpline has record call numbers in pandemic

    Children’s charity the NSPCC says calls and xo slot messages to its helpline have risen to record levels during the pandemic.

    In the year to March 2021 the helpline was contacted almost 85,000 times, up 23% on the previous year.

    The figures amplify fears that children who could not go to school during the lockdowns were more vulnerable to abuse and neglect, says the NSPCC.

    Chief executive Sir Peter Wanless says government recovery plans must address the harm children may have faced.

    “We’ve been hearing first-hand about the immense pressures families have faced during the pandemic and the heavy toll that has taken on children and young people.

    “For some children this has included experiencing abuse, bereavement and other harm,” said Sir Peter.

    He wants governments across the UK to put children at the heart of their recovery plans.

    “These must go beyond education, and address the harm some have experienced, so the pandemic doesn’t leave a legacy of trauma for children,” he argues.

    Of the 85,000 contacts to the helpline, the NSPCC says almost half, 47%, led to a referral – for example to police or children’s services.

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