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    I started from Facebook just as almost everyone else did. I opened an account, started finding other friends on the site and start communicating with them mostly by – I guess you might call it – Blog posting as a lot of what Facebook is really about at its base is a social platform – a website site.

    I was starting an online business and my initial focus when getting going was to publish some articles, publish them to get known and then build them into books and market them on Amazon-Kindle. I did not have a lot more of a method than that at first – I had just always wanted to publish and publish a book. A bucket list item.

    As I started initially to delve in further into the world of Facebook – and this spans time – throughout the last few years in reality – I became conscious of precisely how powerful this platform is really from a small business and product marketing perspective. And I have discovered a lot about the platform currently – yet I’m constantly learning more things I can do onto it to further my brand awareness and even close sales directly on the platform itself. With this particular in mind, I wish to tell you some ideas for using Facebook that you might not have thought of. Here’s an original set of ideas to get you started.

    First, you need to absolutely have a small business page in the event that you want to market or sell anything on the platform. This is buy facebook business manager your first step. Facebook frowns on you utilizing your personal consumer site to do any business marketing – so get this done. An additional tip: Don’t limit yourself to just one single business page – create several if you have different types of things to sell. I’m still working to construct this all out myself but I have found the full time to make a main business page for my website, an “Author” page for books I write, and several pages for individual “business verticals” within my online business.

    Why did I try this? It increases your ability to get found. People look for and follow business verticals through keyword searching. In the event that you type for instance “coloring books” into the Facebook search bar, your search will return: Coloring Book titled pages developed by people, coloring book groups, people who use this keyword within their name and sub-title “about” lines, top posts and latest posts containing the keyword, videos that folks have posted with the phrase in the titles, events relating to the phrase, etc. So creating business page verticals within your Facebook presence could be a great idea.

    Next tip – execute a little research – use the Facebook search bar to look at different keyword phrases and when you discover good ones that folks actively search on – utilize them with associated hash tags in your business page posts to greatly help people see you. Your “People Reached” numbers should go up.

    Do you wish to get people to your other online assets such as for instance webpages? Start writing, posting and sharing Facebook “Notes” – basically here you are writing articles and posting them on Facebook. A few invaluable tips in this regard: Write the total “Blog Post” or “Article” on your web or blog site. Then, head to Facebook and in your “Note” write the blog/article summary and not the remainder of it. Next, put a line in the Facebook post with a backlink to your web/blogsite complete article under some anchor text that says something similar to “Click Here to Read the Full Article” ;.You are now driving traffic back again to your business site where you are able to use lead magnets to recapture e-mail addresses and you can sell them your business products and services – as a bonus benefit, this can help to improve your website presence in the eyes of popular search engines like Google.

    First, you can’t discuss another business page as your page unless you want it as your page first. Once you do then discuss another page as your page, the post you create builds visibility for your business page so you may get more traffic to your own personal business. Lastly, you can begin to see in your news feeds content published to that particular other page – helps you keep track of the goings on the website and who is posting content to that particular page – and you never know, some of the content could useful to you.




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