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    Quickbooks Error 1328 occurs when you are updating Quickbooks software. There are many reasons to occur this error like- when the .tmp file in the .config.MSI folder blocks Quickbooks from completing the update, when the license is compatible with the Quickbooks version, when entries are invalid in windows, when installation files are not proper, when your system affected by some malicious attack, when program files are damaged or corrupted, etc.



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    Solution 1: Locate the config.msi File
    Give a right click on the start key button & then choose explore.
    Give a double-click on the ‘C’ drive key.
    This displays all your hidden files or as folders.
    For this, you will need to click on tools options & after that choose folder.
    Click to view the tab option & then select all hidden files as well as folders.
    Now click to apply all changes you have been made & press the OK key button.
    To do so, this appears to operate all necessary system files.
    Give a right click on config.msi & choose rename it.
    At the end of a filename, add old ^ hit the enter key button.
    This will hide and protects your operating system files including all necessary hidden files & folders again on your system.

    Solution 2: Use Registry Repair Tool
    You need to first apply any registry repair tool and repair the damaged registry Entries that related to the QuickBooks application
    Use a malware removal tool, let us fix any type of malware infectious attack from your system, and get rid of all malware attacks from a computer device.
    You have to remove all the unwanted or junk files from your System.
    It is also important to uninstall all the outdated PC Device Drivers
    Let us restore by doing “Undo” through Recent System Changes, this applies your Windows System.
    First, you need to uninstall and after it reinstall the QuickBooks application
    Start to run your Windows System File Checker by doing scanning.
    Ready to install all essential Windows Updates

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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