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    The number of dead coin, which had minimal to zero benefits to anyone, has raised 3 percent over last year to 1,949 at the moment of filing this report, according to the information from Coinopsy that tracks dead cryptocurrencies. Around February last year, the number of total dead crypto coins stood at over 1,440. The term dead coin is given to cryptos that do not exist anymore due to multiple causes. For sample, they’re used as a scam, their website remains down, they’ve nodes or wallet issues, they’ve low liquidity or have simply been abandoned and their development has been halted by their developers. Abandoned coins are the ones that witness zero or negligible trading exertion between investors. But now WACEO UnRekt Crypto are on a mission to clean the dead coin market and assist Rekt investors recover their losses through litigation, negotiation, or possible partnership with the founding team. UnRekt 50-90% of your initial investment in your dead coins.

    Recover Your Losses in Dead Coin Crypto Scams

    Cryptocurrencies give great investment chances but it also poses high risks. Numerous people have invested in various projects ( generally via ICO/ IEO/ IDO/ STO and numerous other types) but only a many projects have actually succeeded in delivering a product.

    In fact, up to 80 percent of all ICOs were outright a scam and only half of the remaining 20 percent non-scam projects actually were suitable to deliver something. Further, according to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, 92 percent of all blockchain projects have failed, generally within the first year.

    WACEO UnRekt Project strives to help investors of the failed ICO and alike projects by delivering them with

    The capability to potentially recover 50-90 percent of the original investment in$ value.

    Bond their dead coin

    Capture together with the WACEO community any value performing from successful legal settlements or any other type of outgrowth via legal cases if necessary.

    Get rewarded during the vesting period through instantly claimable yield

    WACEO UnRekt Project is a community- driven project presented by WACEO AISBL (“WACEO”) aimed to support the communities of dead coins that have suffered financial losses.

    Their official website: https://resurrect.waceo.org/

    Watch the Video for more information – Recover You Losses in Crypto Scams | UnRekt Initiatiave | WACEO AISBL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nZNHqoANNg

    You can Follow on Twitter – https://twitter.com/UNRekt_Waceo

    Also You Can Join on Telegram – https://t.me/unrekt_waceo



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