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    i met a guy on Facebook he told me his name was Kelvin, after we had talked for while he told me to move the conversation to whatsApp. He started telling me about cryptocurrency trading were he told me he has been doing it for a while and has made a lot of money that he could easily teach me he told me to download an app called Crypto .com after I did he told me to transfer to another website for trading at https:// tether-usdt. org. at first I began with $400 then $5000 I made a little profit from it,so I believe it was legit he suggested I put in more money so I put in $19,000 there was also a promotion that they will give funds for it, once I paid 15% to have access to the funds, after I put in the funds and traded it asked for a larger amount and a tax% in order to withdraw my funds at this point I became sceptical so I made research and found a crypto tracking and returns expert on here who told me I had fallen for a scam they call pig butchering scam. They told me to provide my transaction history which I did and so far they’ve been able to recover $10,000 of the money I lost.
    I contacted them on adminctrackLtd(at)protonmail .com

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