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    You may feel secure knowing that your possessions are safe and secure in our climate-controlled storage facilities, which undergo routine inspections. All of our items are stored in wooden pallet crates at our facility. We provide experienced packaging and storage materials to assure your items’ safety, flexibility, confidentiality, and satisfaction.
    All of our secure storage facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of your valuables, regardless of the type of item being stored.
    1A Moving Company Zurich offers secure storage for your personal belongings, whether relocating, remodeling your house, or retaining seasonal items. Are you required by law to retain documents for an extended period? Is there a location you’ve been looking for that will take the same care of your antiques? 1A moving company in Zurich can assist you.
    The temperature-controlled storage facilities of 1A Moving Company Zurich, which are equipped with cutting-edge security and monitoring systems, may be the ideal spot to store your papers and priceless antiques during your Zurich relocation.
    You may inspect our storage facilities before agreeing to cooperate with us. Payment in advance is not necessary, and there are no contracts or packages requiring clients to pay for services they do not utilize. We operate on a “Pay as you go” basis to provide maximum transparency.
    What sets our secure storage facilities apart from competitors?
    We offer both long and short-term storage, as well as the opportunity to restore or enhance your storage capacity at any moment. Storage insurance for valuables can be obtained through a 1A Moving Company Zurich.
    Materials packaging and storage
    If your furniture must be stored for a length of time, whether short or long, it is wrapped, covered, and or crated. If you need to ship a consignment of stored furniture on short notice or if your initial plan changes, this protects your furniture.
    A packing list has been created, and each box has been appropriately tagged and labeled. Once filled and sealed, the boxes or containers are transported to our ultra-secure storage facility.
    Flexibility and Comfort
    It’s all about simplifying your life with a 1A Moving Company Zurich. Individuals and professionals may rely on us to deliver secure storage solutions customized to their specific needs and the requirements of the highest-quality organizations.
    Apart from storing your personal belongings and company items, we can also store fine art, autos, records, and other professional equipment, all of which are freely accessible to you at any time. All of our secure storage facilities feature automatic and computerized access and exit control, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure at all times.

    You may count on us to meet all of your furniture storage requirements. We can assist you if you require assistance dismantling, packing, and shipping the things you’ve stored. Naturally, we can handle the transfer and rebuilding when the storage term expires. Appointments can be made immediately by calling 0800 60 70 80!
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