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    The US government prepares to distribute the vaccine to India. As well as other countries, after being able to vaccinate the population of the country very quickly

    On May 3, 2021, CNBC news agency reported that Ron Clain, the chief of staff at the White House, said the US government เข้าslotxo was preparing to distribute the vaccine to India. Including other countries after the rapid implementation of the vaccination program within the United States.

    The United States has previously sent medical devices for the disease, a COVID test kit and a ventilator. To india Which are facing a severe coronavirus outbreak

    Claine said that now the US Trade Representative Katherine Tai (USTR) is going to negotiate. About how to distribute the vaccine even more thoroughly With the World Trade Organization (WTO)

    In addition, Klein stated that The White House is going to make a statement in the coming days. About the relief of patent protection Production of the vaccine against COVID-19

    This past April, “Narendra Modi”, Prime Minister of India. Have negotiated a loosening of vaccine patent protection measures with US President Joe Biden. Which the relief This will make it easier for governments to access vaccines.

    By last week The US government declared that It will give Indian authorities access to the raw materials necessary for domestic vaccine production.

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