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    You can download Vartika TGZ to PST Converter Software. This application allows the user to maintain Zimbra items such as emails, notes, tasks, journals, folder, subfolder, contacts, calendar, and etc… The Software converts all data of Zimbra TGZ files emails, attachment and zipped file data into Microsoft Outlook PST format. TGZ to PST Converter software remove delete all duplicate TGZ file data during the migration. This application provides a free demo version and converts 30 files as a trial.

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    TGZ and PST are two different file formats used by different email clients. TGZ is the file extension used by the open-source email client, Zimbra, while PST is the file extension used by Microsoft Outlook. If you want to convert a TGZ file to PST format, you can follow these steps:

    First, you need to extract the emails from the TGZ file using Zimbra or any other email client that supports TGZ format.

    Once you have extracted the emails, you can save them in a standard format like EML or MBOX.

    Next, you can import these emails into Microsoft Outlook using the Import/Export feature.

    In Outlook, go to the File menu, select Open & Export, and then click Import/Export.

    In the Import and Export Wizard, select “Import from another program or file” and click Next.

    Choose the file type you want to import, either “Outlook Data File (.pst)” or “Import Internet Mail and Addresses” and click Next.

    Select the file you want to import and choose the options you want to use, such as “Replace duplicates with items imported” or “Do not import duplicates” and click Next.

    Choose the folder you want to import the emails into and click Finish.

    Outlook will import the emails from the file into the selected folder.




    Some key features of the Vartika TGZ to PST Converter tool include:

    User-friendly interface: The software is easy to use and does not require any technical expertise to operate.

    Selective conversion: The tool allows you to select specific folders or items from the TGZ file to convert, so you can save time and only convert the items you need.

    Maintains data integrity: The software ensures that all the data, including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and tasks, is converted accurately and without any loss of data.

    Supports all versions of Zimbra: The tool supports all versions of Zimbra, so you can convert TGZ files from any version of Zimbra to PST format.

    Preserves folder structure: The software maintains the folder structure of the original TGZ file, so you can easily navigate through the converted PST file.

    Overall, the Vartika TGZ to PST Converter tool is a reliable and efficient software application for converting Zimbra TGZ files to PST format.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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