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    Lost Ark finally has something new for MMO fans to try out through a series of very in-depth classes and gameplay. However, which is the most popular so far?

    After years of waiting, MMO fans around the world are finally able to try their hand at Smilegate’s Lost Ark, which has broken records on Steam with over 1.3 million players joining the game at one time.

    While waiting in line can be long and a headache, considering how dynamic the world is, how challenging instances are, and how many character builds to choose from with five main classes and 15 different specializations Deep, the wait is worth it from.

    When it comes to these character classes, finding the right one for your playstyle is important, especially as you delve into more advanced character setups. So, for now, what exactly is the most played classes in Lost Ark right now? (Click here to get more Lost Ark Gold)

    As for popularity, here’s a breakdown of 1450+ GS players on RU as of about a month ago:

    Bard 870

    Berserker 809

    Destroyer 614

    Summoner 576

    Warlord/Gunlancer 469

    Blaster 389

    Demonic/Shadowhunter 366

    Blade 349

    Lance Master 333

    Holy Knight 308

    Reaper 283

    Infighter/Scrapper 278

    Scouter 255

    Gunslinger 254

    Soulmaster 244

    Arcana 221

    Battlemaster/Wardancer 203

    Hawkeye 165

    Striker 147

    Deadeye 134

    If I had to sort them from the most popular to the least at launch only from my personal opinion I’d say it will be : Demonic (Shadow hunter), Blade, Paladin, Bard.

    Assassins characters are always really popular in west market and the data from the beta clearly showed that they were heavily focused (even if those data aren’t really accurate since it’s based on the number of characters created and we know that many people created many characters to try them out). Also, from both of them, I can understand that Demonic comes first because it’s really appealing with the transformation ult, the impact and sound design of the skills and the fact that it’s a cheap class to build.

    Paladin and Bard, while being quite popular on other versions, I can’t see them at the same level of popularity in our version because, again, most people in west don’t really like to support (I mean, less than just droping big numbers). Since Paladin is more of an offensive support I’d say it will be more popular than Bard. Also, many players will focus on their PVE main first and may not chose a support class which leveling is a bit longer. On the long run though, I can see many players to build a Paladin and/or a Bard (with the instant leveling to 50).



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