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    When you conduct a search on the Pirate Bay, a list of torrent files with that name will be sent to you. This list is divided into two columns, SE and LE. The SE column lists seeders, whereas the LE column lists leechers. People that attempt to download torrent files are known as leechers. The folks who have the torrent files you want to download are known as seeders.

    So choosing files with more seeds and less leechers will lead to quicker downloads. A torrent file with 400 SE means that 400 users on your network have that file. A file with 400 LE indicates that the file is being attempted to be viewed by 400 distinct people on the network.

    A torrent file that is 5GB in size and has 200 seeds should download to your device in one to two hours if your internet connection is steady. To share a torrent with ten seeders and one hundred leechers, it can take a few days.

    The magnitude of a torrent is influenced by several variables, including its quality. For instance, YouTube offers 144p, 240p, 360p, and 480p video quality options. Additionally, some files come with extra utilities that increase the file size. In this scenario, selecting a smaller file will prevent the installation of extra tools that are not essential.

    Before downloading a torrent file, spend some time reading the comments on TPB proxy site to get a feel of what other users think of it. Users can provide feedback here. By examining the comments, you may determine if a torrent contains malware.

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