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    I wonder RuneScape would be if jagex had never eliminated free trade. That hurt Runescape game. As did EoC/RS3. With no 3 altered, RS will probably be the most popular MMO in the planet still today.Without removing free commerce, Winrsgold RS Gold probably would have died. Credit card firms were close to banning Jagex because there were numerous illegal charges.There were other options. Andrew Gower himself stated that if he could return in time, he would have never made this call, and that it’s his regret in regards to Runescape game. There were other ways to fix it.

    I think people underestimate how important EoC was to a lesser extent, and is, its own first implementation was but Runescape game could be trash without it. Extremely happy it arrived, remained, and is worked to a degree.Why is it important? It pushed away a sizable chunk of this Runescape playerbase. Nobody was leaving because battle wasn’t updated, but tons left because it was. It is one huge reason OSRS is so successful (even moreso than EoC nowadays ), since they basically nullified all of the terrible changes that were made from 2007 onward.

    Because Runescape game was already massively stagnating and we would not have any of the pvm encounters that exist with no. It pushed Runescape players off because it was implemented and took a while to bring up to snuff, by which time people had given up on Runescape game until school came about. Runescape might be less popular than school, but it is a much better game due to EoC, and it would go to zero with no.

    I wish to run an idea since your look. (In my opinion eoc feels like ability spam( particularly pre revo). Starting from pre eoc, suppose instead of making it skill spam there was a smaller quantity of skills and they acted as steroids to your next attack, keeping attack speed (likely make defensive instant but delay your attack such as eating). I am thinking maybe maintain thresholds, and adrenaline but not most of the fundamental abilities but I am not certain what was needed for all those bosses.

    This could let the harm and usefulness abilities are added by them Runescape players would need for bossing, but might keep more of the classic rs feel while becoming disruptive to the area. Genuinely want to know whether you can see problems with that, I play RS3 but I don’t do high level bossing so I’m essentially asking for a check if you do or know the bosses that need eoc.

    The whole combat system. Most bosses strike a 4 match tick rate (2.4 moments ) making the entire thing feel “turn based” than pre eoc. I think calling it”spam” tries to suggest it feels just like pressing all the buttons all of the time and skills just fire as quickly as you can push buttons if they’re off cooldown, which is not really the case.

    If you prefer, you can think of all fighting as autoattacks (it is not, largely because autos still exist separately, but run with me for a sec) where the ability you utilize next raises or lowers the damage based on whether you used a stronger ability or a poorer ability. What you’re describing sounds more like a method to wrap the head about EoC because it is, compared to a change.

    We are at a point where every thing is heavily designed around ability usage to some degree. I guess at a certain point I don’t fully comprehend the system you are proposing as it is now, because I do know EoC. (Edit to say I hope that makes sense and I genuinely don’t want to come off as shitty just hope that is educational, if you would like assistance with EoC or anything runescapey feel free to pm me I’m far from ideal or high tier but I know a good deal about Runescape game).

    Release eoc did feel as if ability spam to me, you cycle however a few skills till you get adren to get a threshold pressing 12345 in order of what is off cooldown every 1.8s, I had been doing slayer to be fair so that is just how I felt at release and that taste just kind of stuck

    It sort of felt wrong when a 2h started swinging than a scimmy, although I am not suggesting by calling it spam to be clear, that which you mentioned. I would like to keep weapon automobile attack rate, since the foundation for those abilities speed so a scimm may use them quicker than a 2h, with eoc there’s not much reason to select a faster weapon within a lesser one afik, and remove the majority of the basic abilities that you only use for damage, or make the cooldown more at the least, so autos are used 90 percent of time and abilities used only when a boss wants stunned or bleed etc..

    I am not 100% sure what’s needed but the idea started as mostly usefulness steroids with no adren and just cooldowns as a simple solution. Slower battle that sill appears turn based simple to understand, and something which works with the supervisors but would not have been a disruption is the objective.

    RS2 got to a point where development was stagnated. Chaotics/overloads/turmoil / Nex armor divided and were blatantly overpowered by design in the combat system, there wasn’t any way to possess boss encounters with no being by gamebreaking gear totally cheesed. Tuning the amounts can only go up to now. If we needed any semblance of progression and new PvE content, then something had to change about Runescape game.

    Most of us know eoc was badly executed, but I think it had been an important change that had to occur. Revolution ought to have been contained at the start. The significant thing to me is the PvP scene, and its own death. I don’t see why the wilderness could not /can not be like a match mode where its legacy only and special attacks work. Probably cap the tier of gear you can earn buy osrs gold paypal, or tweak the hp. The marketplace would alter. It would be a bit perplexing, but I wonder if this type of thing was considered?



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