City Index is one of the oldest and most established forex and CFD brokers in the world. It has grown to be one of the world leaders in spread betting and CFD trading as well. Established in the UK in 2983, City Index has been around for more than 30 years which is a timeframe that is one of the oldest in the industry.

As of recently, City Index has been acquired by GAIN Capital Holdings Inc. which is a global leader in online trading, creating a retail business with more than 235,000 funded accounts, $1.2 billion in customer assets and $3.1 trillion in annual trading volume. Currently, the company has offices in London, Dubai, Sydney, New Jersey, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore with a staff of over 800 employees.

City Index is based in London and the brand has been on the market for quite some time now. The time spent on the market makes this broker one of the oldest on the market. This broker offers traders the opportunity to trade CFDs, FX and a spread betting platform all of the UK-based traders.

The company has been around for 35 years. There are a wide variety of trading assets available as the broker provides more than 12,000 underlying instruments. The broker is FCA-regulated that offers ultimate regulatory protection for the traders through the compensation scheme and client fund segregation.

The resources that are offered are definitive for all of the trader levels and include research, education and advanced technology. The security level of the platform is satisfying given the comments that the crypto community gave us. According to the crypto community, City Index was up to the task regarding the dedicated teamwork and support. It was also mentioned that the platform had less than a minute waiting time for responding to inquiries which makes it among the most respected platforms out there.