CrystalTradeX is a potentially scam broker without much reviews or online recognition. The website takes long to load and is often inaccessible. Therefore, we have many reasons to believe that CrystalTradeX is a scam and is operated by scammers.

If you are not sure whether to place your crypto trades on CrystalTradeX, we advise you to be careful and instead choose some of the trusted Bitcoin brokers from our list.

Basically, the site is designed to scam users and get away with their crypto, as some reviews showed. We don’t know if the website is currently inaccessible or has been blocked – but we had a hard time loading it in our browsers.

Their website domain, as we can see from – was registered a few months ago. We can see that the domain name owner information for CrystalTradeX is concealed in order to hide the owners’ identity. The company used to register the domain, is also non-visible in the data presented on the website.

All of this leads us to believe that CrystalTradeX is another scam trading platform for Bitcoin, which is why you need to be careful and not open an account there. The platform is most definitely unregulated and has been operating on the mere possibility of tricking more users into signing up – by offering attractive bonuses and a lot more.

Even though it names itself as “one of the world’s leading crypto platforms,” CrystalTradeX is far from that. It is actually scam and despite the features looking good on its website – it is definitely a Bitcoin broker to stay away from.

We hope this review on CrystalTradeX helped you sort out your options and be reasonable when thinking about trading crypto. Instead of going with them, our advice is to choose a reputable trader offering the best features and live telephone support.