ETX Capital is an online broker that lets you trade three ways – forex, CFDs and spread betting. If you want to open a live account, you need a minimum deposit of at least 100 Euros. Alternatively, you can open a Demo account and familiarize yourself with the platform.

What makes ETX Capital a special broker is its regulation. The company puts all client funds in a segregated bank account and uses tier-1 banks. Established since 2002 and with a head office in UK, it is a popular broker that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

ETX Capital is a well-known and established FCA regulated broker with more than 50 years experience. The broker has a huge range of markets and industry-leading trading platforms. The company strives to deliver a great trading experience for their clients and there are plenty of educations resources as well.

The exchange offers its customers access to highly competitive prices for more than 6,000 different markets. They also offer support from their renowned and award-winning customer service team. ETX capital is based in London but it constantly spreading around the world.

When you use the ETX Capital trading platform, as a user you can get access to thousands of tradeable markets. There are more than 50 forex pairs and cryptocurrencies, commodities, equities, and indices. Commodities offered by the ETX Capital platform include five energy, five metals, and nine soft commodities. Here you can also trade CFD stocks from Australia, the US, Singapore, Europe, and South Africa.

Regarding the payment securities, ETX Capital uses the 3-D secure protocol which is accepted around the world. It adds another layer of security for credit and debit cards for online transactions. This is done by using the XML messages system that sends the messages over an SSL connection after getting the clients’ authentication. This protocol is automatic and usually requires the users to add a code.