Even though Jaxx has seen some bad press lately, it is one of the cryptocurrency wallets that is relatively new and striving to achieve one thing – simplify the entire blockchain and attract the masses to its super unique value proposition.

That is why Jaxx has started off as a platform that provides access to some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The result is a great experience which feels great when working on it, syncing it across the devices or using it on the desktop alone.



Jaxx is a popular, multi-currency wallet that was developed by Decentral- a very popular bitcoin company known mainly for their ATMs, wallets and other crypto services for the entire crypto ecosystem.

The wallet supports more than seven different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Dash and Bitcoin. It is mostly known for its cross-platform pairing feature and easy-to-use interface. The client-side security practice is also among the top features. The awesome design and ease-of switch between stored coins are praised by the community.

Jaxx offers a native camera scanning and master seed back up. The wallet also provides a guide on how to easily understand the current Bitcoin ecosystem and whether you should choose this wallet or not. Usability is one of Jaxx’s strongest features. It was designed mainly to be simple so the looks of the platform are amazing. It’s extremely intuitive compared to other multi-currency wallets.

When using Jaxx, switching between currencies, receiving money and sending is really simple. The entire process from entering addresses and scanning QR codes are all so easy to do. Users simply need to download the wallet and create an account which will only take a couple of minutes. One of the best benefits associated with the wallet is the fact that the wallet is able to store private keys directly on the users’ devices. This makes it impossible for a third party to control your funds.

When it comes to making a backup, the wallet automatically generates a mnemonic seed so that the users can write down and keep their funds safe. Additionally, the wallet respects user privacy and creating an account does not require entering an email address or other personal information.