The first thing everyone should know when it comes to Edge is that it is a decentralized Bitcoin wallet which rebranded after being Airbritz. The name Edge comes based on the company’s philosophy to become the most innovative and leading edge of blockchain security of Airbitz’s brand.

Secure and backed up Bitcoin mobile wallet that provides true autonomy and privacy for the users. It’s true that Edge is one of the most secure wallets out there where no third party can access users’ funds or data.

A lot of that is because of the main ‘Edge’ login service which is easy to pick up. The entire server architecture is decentralized, making the wallets on Edge working even when the servers are down. edge also offers automatic wallet encryption, backup as well as multi-device synchronization. There is also a multiple fiat currency support which makes withdrawals easier.


This is an online wallet which offers stashing services for all of the Bitcoin traders out there and provides address codes for the traders to receive their BTC. The Storage service is based online on mobile platforms and can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users.

Registering an account is free while the wallet services such as receiving and sending funds have a small transaction fee which goes under the so-called ‘’ miner costs.’’ Using decentralized service architecture, the wallet is extremely famous for keeping hackers away from their users’ bitcoins.

Some of the additional features that the wallet offers include a hierarchical deterministic wallet with change address codes, buy and sell BTC feature that is available through bank services. Also, there is unencrypted data that is not stored in the mobile devices Airbitz does not charge additional fees but you will also see minor costs attached to your transactions. The reason is that because the bitcoin network always takes up a small portion of the trading process.

The wallet offers email and phone support regarding any potential bugs and transaction issues that you can come across. The site offers blog posts, explanations, guides and features that help the users understand the functions of the wallet.