MyCelium was created by a group of hardware engineers back in 2008. The group was encouraged to with the blockchain technology when the number one cryptocurrency emerged and rose to popularity over the upcoming years.



The wallet offers an accessible option for smartphone users which makes it great for those you want to keep their wallet always by their side. The app is frictionless, functional and closes the gap to fiat currencies while still managing to stay secure.

The public opinion is clear on the wallet. The crypto community is favorable towards the wallet.  It’s easy to download from the Google Play Store and has a high rating with thousands of happy users that praise the functionality of the wallet. The popularity of the wallet increased especially because of the design. MyCelium is available on both Google Play and iTunes which suits about 99 percent of the mobile phone users.

When you open the app you will be instantly greeted with your simple and easy-to-use wallet with the few tabs. You got the QR code button, send and receive buttons and the current exchange rates. The app also has the usual interface protection by adding a personal pin number. You need the pin in order to open the app, export private keys and send funds.

The hierarchical deterministic wallet design will let you come up with 12 random words that will be used in order to keep the wallet safe as they will represent your private keys. This system is used by many other crypto wallets including the hardware ones. By using the QR code, you can make payments or send or receive funds.

The simplicity of the wallet is among the strongest features that the users appreciate and is why this wallet is a first choice for many traders.