Armory wallet is one of the popular open source Bitcoin wallets that provides cold storage and multi-signature support for the advanced crypto community. The development of cold storage capabilities is what made Armory one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets among developers – mostly because of its open source protocol.



The wallet is the first open-source cold wallet that stores Bitcoin by also featuring a multi-signature support. The wallet has advanced security features and simple, user-friendly interface which is designed for dedicated bitcoin owners that want to keep their funds safe.

Armory allows you to set up multiple wallet addresses which separate the users’ personal BTC account from the other funds. The process of transferring the bitcoin funds is also extremely protected by a password which adds an extra layer of security to the wallet. The wallet also offers cold storage support which means that your private keys are stored offline, kept safely away from any type of online hacks or attacks.

The wallet software for the wallet is based on the Phyton programming language. The open-source part means that the wallet can be used as a platform for creating Bitcoin apps such as different exchanges or crowdfunding platforms. The multi-signature support and decentralized lockboxes provide the users with bigger control of the generation and storage of the cryptographic keys.

Armory Wallet has a very solid encryption system which according to the company it took years to achieve. The wallet is extremely popular as well because it uses the Glacier protocol, made famous for being implemented in the most secure cold storage systems for the largest cryptocurrency.

Overall, the Armory Wallet is a remarkable wallet given the security features and community dedication. Novice users can find it a bit advanced but the free support service will help them set up an account in seconds.