MintDice Bitcoin casino takes the difficulty into accounting that all of the players of the casino have to face when betting their assets on the line. With dealings under the table, house edge and what goes beyond the comprehension when the table is set. The betting platforms have been around for a long time now on the internet.

The adoption of cryptocurrency made a bang and the industry found itself a safe haven for funds transfer. Being restricted to bitcoin only, the market had its fine share of Bitcoin trading casinos but the altcoins have been looked down upon in this area. Fiat is losing the popularity by a lot against cryptocurrency. The fiat-based trading platforms are avoided most of the time because of the transparency that the crypto-based counterparts offer.

The crypto technologies as cryptographic hashing provide the layer of transparency for the users by helping track users who called in. The casino industry is also booming and everything had crypto incorporated itself just for the sake of going with the fear of missing out. MintDice is the new kind of casino on the block.

The CEO of the platform Bryce explained that they are relatively new to the market and he says that the platform hasn’t been taken seriously. They plan to soon become the top platform by making trust their most valuable asset. MintDice Bitcoin casino makes sure that the house edge is not greater than 1 to 3 percent. They also boast a provably fair betting algorithm which is explained by being backed by a transparent system to view the bets when they are made. They offer the best games supported by most online betting platforms but their innovation in betting has allowed them to craft their own games such as the Plinko and the PowerMint Bitcoin Lottery Jackpot. Taking on the investors is not an easy task but the MintDice Bitcoin Casino lets the players play the role as well.

The investing platform allows these interested in taking part in the successes and the risk involved with those on the platform by simply opening a bankroll for investors to stake their funds and to be returned in the form of a Return on Investment equivalent. The platform also proposes a ‘’Be the Bank’’ initiative that hands out fifteen percent of each bet that is made on the MintDice platform. The catalog of investment opportunities is offered on their website.

An unverified MintDice account is automatically created for the players when you log into the MintDice. While an e-mail address is not required to play but is strongly recommended to immediately verify your account with the e-mail address for security and safety reasons. If you choose not to verify the account, bookmark the website and save your URL secret somewhere safe. If you lose your unregistered account, MintDice will have to help you retrieve your account for security reasons.