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The buzz around cryptocurrency wallets is apparently getting more and more people in the space and attracting a lot of institutional investors on the way. However, one of the biggest concerns that many of us are having is having our Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stolen by hackers. In order to protect your Bitcoin, you need to get the best Bitcoin wallet. To do that, you should browse through the Internet and see the best crypto wallet reviews.

What Is A Bitcoin Or Cryptocurrency Wallets?

A Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet is basically the first step to using your Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. As the equivalent of a bank account, a wallet allows you to receive Bitcoin and other coins, as well as store them and send them to others. You can think of your cryptocurrency wallet as a personal interface to the Bitcoin network which is very similar to how your online bank account is to the regular monetary system. Crypto wallets contain private keys which are secret codes allowing you to spend your coins. In general, it is not your cryptocurrencies that need to be safe and sound - but the actual private keys that give you the access to them. In that manner, a cryptocurrency or Bitcoin wallet is an app, website or device that manages the storage for your private keys. The best Bitcoin wallets are reviewed on this page based on their features, real user verdicts and other notes.

The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets Reviewed

If you have been looking for a way to store your cryptocurrency in a safe and secure way, look no further because we have got you covered. At Cryptoispy, we pride ourselves on having the best wallet reviews and in-depth guides for wallets on different platforms and with different features. If you want the best possible wallet, you should consider a number of things including secure storage, frequent transactions as well as overall security. The first step in finding out which wallet is best for you is to determine what you will be using your Bitcoin wallet for. For example, there are crypto wallets built for secure storage as well as ones geared towards people who make daily transactions.

Types Of Bitcoin Wallets

There are two types of cryptocurrency wallets - hardware wallets and hot wallets. Hardware cryptocurrency wallets are a great choice if you are serious about your security and provide a convenient and reliable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency storage. They keep the private keys separate from the vulnerable and Internet-connected devices. Basically, they are maintained in a secure offline environment of your choice, just like a USB or any other device. Hackers would have to steal the device itself but even then, it can be protected with a PIN code. Hot wallets, on the other hand, are wallets that run on Internet-connected devices like mobile phones, computers or tablets. They are secret codes and can be considered 100% secure. Easy, convenient and with access to funds across multiple devices, they are a good alternative. However, for large amounts of Bitcoin and crypto, these cryptocurrency wallets are not considered to be the safest. Check out our best Bitcoin wallets below and see which one is the right choice for you!
Electrum Wallet

Electrum is a popular and free storage wallet in the Bitcoin community. In fact, it is probably one of the most well-respected desktop storage apps that has been here around 2011 and is also available for mobile (however only on Android devices).

KeepKey Wallet

KeepKey is one of the most popular, if not the most popular Bitcoin hardware wallet out there. It is designed with advanced security against any virtual or physical theft. One of the unique selling points is the low price which means more users can give it a try.

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